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Here’s Every New Casting Networks Feature From 2022

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It goes without saying that 2022 was a year of change for all of us. We saw remote work turning hybrid, post-pandemic life finding its new normal, and a series of game-changing updates and improvements to the Casting Networks platform. Not only did we launch our long-awaited Casting Networks iOS app, we also added several important new features to help our members work efficiently and effectively. Here’s a look back at the new features and tutorials we built throughout the year.

Let’s Start With the Mobile App

We were very excited to launch the Casting Networks iOS app this year, along with a few feature updates thanks to the brilliant minds of our product team and developers. You can read more about the app in the articles we shared chronicling the Casting Networks app’s journey so far:

July: We celebrated the launch of our iOS app, extending several core features of the Casting Networks platform to mobile!

December: Added features to the iOS app, including the ability for talent to record and submit self tapes, upload and manage their media, receive and respond to alerts (including media requests, questions, auditions and callbacks), and view and edit their profile so that their acting careers can blossom from anywhere in the world.

Features for Talent Representatives

This year, we built and released a number of updates for talent representatives ranging from email notifications to setting default filters. Many of these features were specifically requested by talent representatives, and we are pleased to have introduced optimizations that addressed their unique workflow requirements.

August: We shared our top tips on how to get the most out of Worksheets enabling you to keep track of your actors and projects. We also introduced default filters which save you from having to manually set up the same filters over and over, and we enabled you to flexibly set up your project notification settings so you can select the specific notifications you want to see.

October: Casting Networks added a Backup Payment Method feature for Premium members, helping them ensure their memberships don’t lapse unexpectedly.

November: With the new year right around the corner, your schedules are only getting busier. That’s why Casting Networks added a feature allowing talent representatives to opt-in to email notifications about chats from casting. We also added search and filtering functions so you can more easily surface talent with special skills and attributes to your clients.

Features for Casting Directors

Some of our features this year were specific to casting directors. If you’re from that world, here’s a snapshot of what we built to make your job that much easier.

August: If voiceover roles have been coming in hot and you need a place to post and cast them, we have great news for you! Casting Networks’ voiceover casting feature allows talent representatives and casting directors to more easily add voiceover roles to their projects.

We also added randomized submissions which offered a new way of seeing submissions to eliminate bias and level the playing field for both casting directors and talent. Now, whether your performers got their self tapes in five minutes after you sent out your requests or five minutes to the deadline, they’ll have the same chance at getting their work in front of casting directors.

New Platform Features and Updates for All

Many of our new features and platform upgrades are designed to help casting directors and talent reps alike. We’ve collected these features below to help you get the most out of your Casting Networks experience.

April: Since the beginning of the year, we’ve introduced several enhancements aimed at making casting even easier as well as supporting how-to guides including changing a declined response, using chat for media requests, how casting directors can email links to clients directly from the platform, filtering projects by location and more.

May: Lucky Mackey, Client Success Manager at Talent Systems, demonstrated one of our newest features for casting directors: the ability to clone media requests. This article recaps the session for those who missed it the first time around.

June: Casting Networks announced a new casting platform feature to make creating and managing media requests a little easier. The option to “Allow Additional Media” on media requests provides casting directors the flexibility to decide if talent and representatives should be able to add additional media files after completing their request.

Whether you’re a casting director or a talent representative, sign up or log in to Casting Networks to check out our newest features now!