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Looking Back at New Casting Networks Features from 2023

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From the first dual strikes in decades to the never-ending chatter surrounding AI, 2023 was full of surprises. Through it all, the industry persevered, banding together to win history-making contracts, celebrate getting back to work, and end the year on a high note with plenty of hope for what 2024 will bring.

We made a series of enhancements to Casting Networks throughout 2023 for casting directors, talent representatives and performers. Not only did we bring back our Talent Scout® feature for agents, managers and talent, we also added the Project Wizard for casting directors. We even added flexibility for talent by introducing the Essential Membership.

Here’s a quick recap of all the features Casting Networks added this year.

Simplicity for Talent Representation

This year, we rolled out several improvements for talent representatives designed to make their work faster and easier. From a quick improvement to Submission Notes, to the revival of a legacy tool, to a roster upload enhancement, there are plenty of ways for talent agents and managers to get the job done faster than before.

January: We kicked off 2023 with an update to Submission Notes for talent representatives for easier access to this feature. The icon now displays on a talent’s baseball card so that representatives no longer have to select talent to preview their default notes or click to edit them.

May: Talent representatives looking to add new talent to their roster now have a quick path to finding them on Casting Networks. Talent Scout® is a legacy feature that we refreshed and relaunched that allows agents and managers searching for new talent to connect with Essential and Premium members who have indicated that they are seeking representation.

August: Talent representatives can invite a large roster of talent to build profiles on Casting Networks with Bulk Uploads, saving time and enhancing their workflow.

Convenience for Casting Directors

Casting directors received the gift of efficiency from Casting Networks this year as we introduced several new features to make their daily tasks easier.

February: Casting directors can speed up their workflow with two new features: filter by represented talent to organize search and submissions, plus resend a Media Request to talent based on status to ensure talent timeliness and accuracy.

July: We wanted to help casting directors prioritize, sort and quickly search their projects, so we updated the experience with Project Lists. Now, you can view, sort and group your projects by project type, status and series.

September: Casting directors can simplify their project creation process with the Project Wizard. The Project Wizard is a tool that increases productivity so that casting directors can complete their project setup more quickly.

Setting Talent Up for Success

This year, we made several enhancements to Casting Networks to help push performers’ careers forward. Here’s how the actors you cast and represent can get a leg up in 2024.

January: We made sure our Spanish-speaking members started their year on the right foot by enabling a Spanish language setting on our iOS app.

October: We added Apple Pay® as a payment method for Casting Networks members, allowing more primary and backup options to ensure talents’ accounts stay active on their terms.

December: We wrapped up the year by introducing the Essential Membership for talent. Essential is a lower-priced membership option that provides more flexibility and benefits for young performers, families and talent looking to grow their careers.

Happy Holidays from Casting Networks!

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