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Mel and Liz Casting’s Melissa O’Neil Captivates Casting Networks Members with an Evening of Sage Advice

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Casting Director and Mel and Liz Casting partner Melissa O’Neil wowed Casting Networks members with poignant advice and industry expertise at our recent casting insights mixer at The Cat & Fiddle Pub & Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Performers subscribed to Casting Networks’ Premium memberships gathered for food, drinks and an evening of friendly vibes with O’Neil, who has been finding the faces and personalities for some of the biggest brands and companies for nearly 30 years.

Casting Driector Melissa O'Neil commands the room at an event.

At the event, O’Neil commanded the room as she participated in a memorable Q+A. Topics discussed during O’Neil’s Q+A included self tapes, her process, the importance of doing your own work as an actor as well as other industry insights.

“It just depends on what I’m looking for. So there’s no, how can I be right? What makes me right? You make you right,” O’Neil said when asked about what makes an actor right for the role. “You make it who I’m looking for, depending on the job… there is no set rule, it’s on a per project basis. And that goes probably for every casting director…because we are given the breakdown of what the client’s needs are.”

As for audition advice, O’Neil shared that casting directors want to see how actors can be authentic while playing within the circumstances of a role.

“We want to get to the human being part. What are you bringing? What’s your personality? What are you bringing to life,” she said.

Casting Driector Melissa O'Neil talks to actors.

The prolific commercial casting director encouraged actors to chat and pick her brain about all things casting — an opportunity that many jumped at.

After an evening of networking and sage advice, Casting Networks members went home with encyclopedic knowledge to apply to their acting careers.

Special thanks to Melissa O’Neil for her time and wisdom. We appreciate your help in making this night a success!

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