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Multiple Submission Alerts Are Back!

Casting Networks

When you’re selecting talent to cast for your next project, it may not be immediately obvious if they have already been selected or submitted to multiple roles for the same project.

This can either occur when a single profile is selected or submitted to multiple roles, or when multiple profiles for the same talent were submitted (e.g., a self-submission and a submission through their representative). This issue can be especially prevalent on projects that require a large cast, creating confusion and occasionally leading to double scheduling.

We’ve heard casting’s requests to help better manage talent submissions, and today, we’d like to share that we’ve brought back a legacy feature that lets you do just that!

The Multiple Submissions Alert feature lets casting know when a talent has either submitted or been selected several times in your project by adding banners informing casting of these items.

If a talent has been submitted for other roles, you’ll see a blue banner above their photo. However, if a talent has been selected for multiple roles, you’ll see a yellow banner instead.

two profiles and headshots of a blonde actress smiling, one with a blue banner, the other yellow.

When selecting a talent with multiple selections, a modal will appear to inform you and ask you to review. You’ll see any other profiles linked to the artist – represented or personal. You can make changes to your selections for the talent you are reviewing within the modal.

A screenshot of a multiple selection warning on Casting Networks.

Once you’ve made your decision regarding a talent, you’ll be ready to continue with your project.

Managing submissions should be a cinch. Thanks to Multiple Selection Alerts, they can be.

To learn more, check out our Help Center article.

Give it a try! Log in and manage your submissions with ease now!

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