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Introducing the Casting Networks Essential Membership for Talent

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As our valued partners, we’re pleased to share with you a few exciting changes we’ve made to our membership options for talent. We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have launched the new, lower-priced Essential membership, which offers more flexibility and benefits for young performers, families and talent looking to grow their careers.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Essential membership, created for talent looking to balance simplicity, access and value in their Casting Networks experience,” said Ram Pitchumani, General Manager of Casting Networks. “Essential is priced to enable more young performers, families, and up-and-coming talent to discover and be considered for new roles every day, making the industry more inclusive for everyone.”

Choosing Essential unlocks a suite of career-boosting features for only $9.99/month USD*!

  • Create a profile and resume
  • Receive and confirm Audition and Media Requests
  • Customize and receive notifications for Saved Searches
  • Store up to 1 GB of swappable media
  • Get discovered by agents and managers through Talent Scout®
  • Access our iOS app to create reels on the go and respond to alerts


* For international pricing, please see our support article: How much does Casting Networks cost?

Essential for Talent Representatives and Managers

As more talent join Casting Networks with the new Essential membership, talent representatives will have more opportunities to connect with them via Talent Scout®.

Plus, all Casting Networks memberships now include swappable media, enhancing talents’ ability to continuously update photos and other media, ensuring their profiles remain fresh and engaging.

Talent can monitor media storage usage, including how much space each file uses, how much is used by different types of files, and the total amount of media storage used.

Any new media, including media you add as a talent representative, counts towards that membership’s allocated storage capacity. However, swapping media is simple – talent can just archive the files they no longer need to free up more space. Media is eligible for archiving 21 days after it is uploaded. Free members get 350 MB, Essential members get 1 GB and Premium members get 3.5 GB (currently unrestricted).

Learn more: Essential for Talent Representatives

Essential for Casting Directors

With the addition of Essential to our membership options, more emerging, unrepresented and small-market talent will have the opportunity to submit for roles. So, if you’re eager for more submissions in order to cast the perfect performer, more talent will now be eligible to submit!

Learn more: Essential for Casting Directors

Keeping the Playing Field Level

As we launch this new membership, we want to remind everyone that no matter which membership talent chooses, that detail remains hidden from talent representatives and casting directors on Casting Networks. And when it comes to casting, every performer who submits or auditions gets the same shot, regardless of their membership type. We’re keeping it equal for everyone on our platform.

The Essential Membership is available now!

To learn more about our new Essential membership, please visit our pricing and support pages.

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