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Photo Courtesy of Eugene Powers /, featuring Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer and Robert J. Ulrich

Casting Directors Weigh in on Their Artios Nominations

Cat Elliott

By now, the news that upcoming awards shows are going to look a little different this year has become a familiar narrative. This year’s Artios Awards ceremony, which will take place on April 15, is no exception to that rule. It will be a worldwide virtual ceremony, a first for the awards show. But one important quality of the Artios will undoubtedly remain the same, and that is the meaning behind it. The Casting Society of America (CSA) first put on the awards show in 1985 as a way to recognize casting directors in more than 20 different categories of theater, film, and TV. Per the CSA website, “the criteria are originality, creativity, and the contribution of casting to the overall quality of a project.” And CSA members in good standing are the ones who vote on the Artios nominees and winners. In other words, casting directors who get a nomination are receiving that honor from their peers.

We wanted to know how nominees felt about such recognition. With the help of CSA, we heard from seven nominated casting directors from a variety of categories that fall under the umbrella of TV, short film, and short form series. They had in common a lot of gratitude for the honor, as well as a number of names they also wanted to acknowledge. Keep reading to hear from some of this year’s Artios nominees.

Louise Kiely on receiving a nomination in the category of Limited Series for “Normal People”: 

“To be nominated in this category and amongst these casting directors whom I admire so greatly is simply the highest honor. Working on “Normal People” was a massive highlight in my career and an experience which I shall always treasure. I could not have done it without my amazing team at LKC [Louise Kiely Casting] and my very talented colleague Karen Scully.”

Susan Edelman on receiving a nomination in the category of Film (Non-Theatrical Release) for “Patsy & Loretta”:

“Casting Directors understand that there are inherent challenges and responsibilities that come with casting a biopic. The challenges for “Patsy & Loretta” were enhanced due to the singing requirements. Those were met by securing [two] incredibly talented Broadway stars who, surprisingly, had never worked together: Megan Hilty and Jessie Mueller. But the biggest challenge of all was moving forward after the untimely and tragic death of one of our executive producers, Craig Zadan. Craig inspired all of us to do our very best work on the movie, and that is what we aspired to do to honor him. I know Craig would be so very proud.”

Melissa DeLizia on receiving a nomination in the category of Live Television Performance, Variety, or Sketch Comedy for “Drunk History”:

“This nomination wouldn’t be possible without Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner, the co-creators of “Drunk History.” Their never-ending support and confidence made doing my job an absolute pleasure. Derek and Jeremy’s creativity, humor, and dedication to telling important stories in an innovative way made this show one of my favorites to cast.”

Howard Meltzer on receiving a nomination in the category of Children’s Pilot and Series (Live Action) for “BUNK’D”:

“[I’d like to give a shoutout to] series creator Pam Eells and my casting associates Timothy Pratt, Morgan Rudner, and Biz Urban.”

Julie Ashton on receiving a nomination in the category of Children’s Pilot and Series (Live Action) for “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” and three nominations in the category of Television Animation for “Big Mouth,” “Bob’s Burgers” and “Central Park”:

“It is such an honor being recognized by my peers for the Artios Awards. I have made so many friends in the CSA over the years, and I have such respect for their creativity and talent. We sadly recently lost Mike Fenton, who was my first boss and one of the founders of the CSA, so this is a particular honor in Mike’s memory and everything he taught me about being a casting director. I wouldn’t be where I am without him.”

Nicole Arbusto on receiving a nomination in the category of Short Film for “Beefcakes”:

“Shorts generally have a low profile and lower pay. Everyone is involved because they like the material, the people, etc. This short is about male exotic dancers who perform at birthday parties and private events and work out of a mini-mall. So I’d really like to thank all the actors who read the script and thought ‘yeah, why not’ and came in and danced.”

Arlie Day on receiving a nomination in the category of Short Form Series for “The Dead Girls Detective Agency”:

“I’d like to send a shoutout to the women at Insurrection Media for being so wonderful to work with and for also being colorblind when creating and casting characters for this show.  My associate Christina Blevins also deserves a big shoutout for the patience she endured during our long hours and late nights. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also thank three incredible mentors whose support over the years has been endless: Jeanie Bacharach, Gillian O’Neill and Jennifer Cooper. I love you all and wouldn’t be in this crazy career if it weren’t for each of you.”

We’re including a full list below of this year’s Artios nominees in the areas of TV, theater, short film, and short form series. The nominations for casting work on feature films will be announced in March, and come April 15, you can find out which nominated casting directors will win in their respective categories during the first-ever virtual Artios Awards ceremony.

Television Pilot and First Season – Comedy

“The Great”  – Rose Wicksteed

“Modern Love” – Laura Rosenthal, Maribeth Fox, Jodi Angstreich

“Never Have I Ever” – Brett Greenstein, Collin Daniel, Danny Dunitz (Associate)

“The Politician” – Alexa L. Fogel, Kathryn Zamora-Benson (Associate), Alison Goodman (Associate)

“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” – Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer, Alex Newman, Coreen Mayrs (Location Casting), Heike Brandstatter (Location Casting), Erinn Lally (Location Casting), Annalese Tilling (Location Casting)

Television Pilot and First Season – Drama

“The Boys” – Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer, Alex Newman, Jenny Lewis (Location Casting), Sara Kay (Location Casting)

“Euphoria” – Mary Vernieu, Jessica Kelly, Jennifer Venditti, Bret Howe (Associate)

“The Mandalorian” – Sarah Finn, Jason Stamey (Associate)

“The Morning Show” – Victoria Thomas

“The Outsider” – Alexa L. Fogel, Chase Paris (Location Casting), Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Kathryn Zamora-Benson (Associate)

Television Series Comedy

“Better Things” – Felicia Fasano, Katie Lantz (Associate)

“Dead To Me” – Sherry Thomas, Russell Scott, Sharon Bialy, Alyssa Morris (Associate)

“Insecure” – Victoria Thomas

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” – Cindy Tolan, Anne Davison (Associate)

“What We Do in the Shadows” – Gayle Keller, Jenny Lewis (Location Casting), Sara Kay (Location Casting)

Television Series – Drama

“Big Little Lies” – David Rubin, Andrea Bunker (Associate)

“The Handmaid’s Tale” – Sharon Bialy, Sherry Thomas, Russell Scott, Robin D. Cook (Location Casting), Stacia Kimler (Associate), Jonathan Oliveira (Associate)

“Ozark” – Alexa L. Fogel, Chase Paris (Location Casting), Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Kathryn Zamora-Benson (Associate)

“Pose” – Alexa L. Fogel, Elizabeth Berra (Associate)

“Succession” – Avy Kaufman

Limited Series

“Little Fires Everywhere” – David Rubin

“Mrs. America” – Carmen Cuba, Robin D. Cook (Location Casting), Charley Medigovich (Associate), Jonathan Oliveira (Associate)

“Normal People” – Louise Kiely

“Unbelievable” – Laura Rosenthal, Jodi Angstreich, Kate Caldwell, Melissa Kostenbauder, Kim Guzman (Associate), Anthony Kraus (Associate)

“Watchmen” – Victoria Thomas, Meagan Lewis (Location Casting)

Film (Non-Theatrical Release)

“Bad Education” – Ellen Lewis, Kate Sprance

“In the Shadow of the Moon” – Ellen Chenoweth, John Buchan (Location Casting), Jason Knight (Location Casting), Susanne Scheel (Associate), Morgyn Johnston (Associate)

“Patsy & Loretta” – Susan Edelman, Mark Fincannon (Location Casting)

“To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” – Tamara-Lee Notcutt, Tiffany Mak (Location Casting)

“Troop Zero” – Mary Vernieu, Lindsay Graham, Lisa Mae Fincannon (Location Casting), Kimberly Wistedt (Associate)

Live Television Performance, Variety, or Sketch Comedy

“A Black Lady Sketch Show” – Victoria Thomas

“Drunk History” – Melissa DeLizia

“John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch” – Jim Carnahan, Carrie Gardner, Jillian Cimini

“Live in Front of a Studio Audience: ‘All in the Family’ and ‘Good Times’” – Marc Hirschfeld, Geralyn Flood

Children’s Pilot And Series (Live Action)

“All That” – Nickole Doro, Shayna Sherwood

“The Babysitter’s Club” – Amber Horn, Danielle Aufiero, Tiffany Mak (Location Casting)

“Bunk’d” – Howard Meltzer, Biz Urban (Associate)

“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” – Julie Ashton

“Young Dylan” – Kim Coleman

Television Animation 

“Big Mouth” – Julie Ashton

“Bob’s Burgers” – Julie Ashton

“Central Park” – Julie Ashton

“Harley Quinn” – Robert McGee, Ruth Lambert

“Rick & Morty” – Robert McGee, Ruth Lambert

Reality Series

“Born This Way” – Megan Sleeper, Sasha Alpert

“Nailed It!” – Samantha Hanks, Shannon McCarty, Heather Allyn

“Queer Eye” – Danielle Gervais, Beyhan Oguz, Pamela Vallarelli, Ally Capriotti Grant (Location Casting)

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” – Goloka Bolte, Ethan Petersen

“Top Chef” – Samantha Hanks

Short Film

“Ship: A Visual Poem” – Kate Geller

“Beefcakes” – Nicole Arbusto

“Cap” – Daniel Cabeza

“Netuser” – Stephanie Klapper

“No More Wings” – Heather Basten

“Shadows” – Daryl Eisenberg, Ally Beans

Short Form Series

“#Freerayshawn” – Jessica Kelly, Mary Vernieu, Brent Caballero (Location Casting)

“The Dead Girls Detective Agency” – Arlie Day

“Girls Room” – Jennifer Presser, Caitlin Well

“Most Dangerous Game” – Mary Vernieu, Raylin Sabo, Stephanie Gorin (Location Casting)

“The Stranger” – Junie Lowry Johnson, Libby Goldstein, Josh Ropiequet (Associate)

New York Broadway Theater – Play

“Grand Horizons” – Will Cantler, Karyn Casl

“The Great Society” – Daniel Swee

“The Inheritance (Parts 1 & 2)” – Jordan Thaler, Heidi Griffiths, Rebecca Feldman (Associate)

“Slave Play” – Taylor Williams

“The Sound Inside” – Will Cantler, Karyn Casl

New York Broadway Theater – Musical

“Jagged Little Pill” – Stephen Kopel

“Moulin Rouge! The Musical” – Jim Carnahan, Stephen Kopel

“Tina: The Tina Turner Musical” – Patrick Goodwin, Bernard Telsey

New York Broadway Theater – Revival, Play

“A Soldier’s Play” – Jim Carnahan

“Betrayal” – Jim Carnahan, Alexandre Bleau

“The Rose Tattoo” – Jim Carnahan, Carrie Gardner

New York Theater – Play

“All the Natalie Portmans” – Will Cantler, Destiny Lilly

“Anatomy of a Suicide” – Karyn Casl

“Dracula” – Karyn Casl

“Macbeth” – Karyn Casl, Destiny Lilly

“The Young Man from Atlanta” – David Caparelliotis

New York Theater – Musical

“Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice” – Rachel Hoffman

“Cyrano” – Patrick Goodwin

“Little Shop of Horrors” – Jim Carnahan

“The Secret Life of Bees” – Patrick Goodwin

“Sing Street” – Tara Rubin, Peter Van Dam

Regional Theater – Play

“A Human Being, of a Sort” – Karyn Casl, Destiny Lilly

“A Raisin in the Sun” – Karyn Casl, Destiny Lilly

“Ghosts” – Karyn Casl

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” – Jim Carnahan, Alexandre Bleau

“Master Harold… and the Boys” – Tara Rubin

Regional Theater – Musical

“Fly” – Patrick Goodwin

“Gun & Powder” – Tara Rubin, Kevin Metzger-Thompson (Associate)

“In the Heights” – Chad Eric Murnane

“Into the Woods” – Stephanie Klapper

“Once on This Island” – Stephanie Klapper

“Six” – Tara Rubin, Peter Van Dam

Los Angeles Theater

“A Play Is a Poem” – Will Cantler, Karyn Casl, Destiny Lilly (Associate)

“Good Boys” – Tiffany Little Canfield, Ryan Bernard Tymensky

“Key Largo” – Jeff Greenberg

“Little Shop of Horrors” – Ryan Bernard Tymensky

“Witch” – Phyllis Schuringa

Special Theatrical Performance 

“The 24 Hour Plays Broadway Gala” – Stephanie Klapper

“Into the Woods” – Chad Eric Murnane

“Kinky Boots” – Patrick Goodwin

“Mack & Mabel” – Mark Brandon

“Pride Plays” – James Calleri, Erica Jensen, Paul Davis

Theater Tours

“The Band’s Visit” – Tara Rubin, Peter Van Dam

“Frozen” – Rachel Hoffman, Laura Wade

“Mean Girls” – Bethany Knox

“Once on This Island” – Craig Burns

“Summer: The Donna Summer Musical” – Tara Rubin, Felicia Rudolph