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Casting Director Brian Beegle Offers Live Casting Workshop in Support of Ukraine Crisis Fund

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who attended casting director Brian Beegle’s live casting workshop in support of the Ukraine Crisis Fund at

Performers from Ukraine, Poland, Australia, South Korea, the U.S., Japan, South Africa and more tuned in to the workshop and together raised more than $101,000.

If you would like to donate to the Ukraine Crisis Fund or to watch Brian Beegle’s three-hour casting workshop, click the links below!

Donate: Ukraine Crisis Fund

Watch: Fundraiser for Ukraine + Acting Workshop With Casting Director Brian Beegle


This Saturday, April 23, 2022, veteran actor and casting director Brian Beegle will live stream a three-hour casting workshop where he will dish up insights from a casting director’s point of view. The topics he will discuss range from what directors are looking for in an audition to tips for memorizing lines. 

“Trust me,” he told us, “These tips are very helpful and hilarious.” 

In lieu of paying for the workshop, participants are encouraged to make a $10 donation to the Ukraine Crisis Fund at The workshop also will be recorded and made available to those who are unable to attend the live session on Saturday. 

Ready to sign up? Skip ahead to the event and registration details.



Meet the host: Brian Beegle

1. How long have you been a casting director?

Sixteen years now! Almost 2,000 castings and it is crazy. It has gone very fast and I love what I do!


2. How and why did you go from acting to casting?

I was hired as a casting assistant in Atlanta for a part-time gig. Once I got behind the camera I realized I understood actors after being one for 20 years. I was the casting assistant for Melissa McBride, who would go on to become Carol on the Walking Dead.


3. What has been the key to your success?

I love being the medium that brings together Directors and Actors. Acting is actually the same in Commercials/TV/Films/Plays – everything. Actors think commercials are hard but I know how to dissolve that idea. I like to make things come alive in casting for directors, so I get actors to tell me the truth on camera. This comes through great direction, and now with self tapes being so prominent, I even tape myself for the actors with very clear pre-direction for auditions. I still want to connect with actors, and it is harder and different now, but the process is still beautiful! That is how I see casting.


4. What do you think has been the biggest innovation in casting in the pandemic era?

We are now in the era of self tapes and Zoom casting. The neat part of that is I am now casting all over the country so I see tons of new faces! For two years I have watched thousands of auditions and callbacks, and I have been making notes! Atlanta is incredible at self-taping because we used to be “a self tape market” but now everyone here is fantastic at it. I can help everyone make self tapes and zooming much easier. In my class, I doubt you will have a single question on self tapes when I am done. If you do, you can ask it and I will answer for everyone.


5. By now, we all know President Zelenskyy’s story of transitioning from an actor playing a president on TV to being the actual president of Ukraine. What about his journey stands out most to you as someone with an inside view of the acting business?

In this business, you never know where you will end up. The beauty of acting is you get to live different lives in your mind. Never try to predict your future – instead, love your journey. I never thought I would be a casting director. If you are not watching “Servant of The People” already I encourage you to start watching it. I think the role became him and he became President in real life because people loved him and trusted him. Every role should become you. Not the other way around. You never know where or what you will be next!


6. What does hosting this event mean to you?

For many days I have watched what is happening and it was hard to know how to really help. I donated but I thought, okay, what is my real value and how can I give everything I have for Ukraine NOW? I have so much to teach and methods that are amazing that you have never heard of. I will make acting easy and maybe even totally different for you if you give me the chance. I will give you everything I have. Join me. Share this. Host a watch party. Our time is now, so let’s become an actors army for Ukraine.


Sign Up: Casting Workshop + Fundraiser for Ukraine With Casting Director Brian Beegle

When: Saturday 4/23 from 8-11 pm EDT (5-8 pm PDT)

Where: YouTube

How to join:

1. Donate $10 to the Ukraine Crisis Fund at

2. Send your receipt to

3. Keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to join the event.

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