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What to Do if Your Project Is in Limbo

If you’ve noticed that one of your projects has not been given the green light, you might be wondering why. There are a number of reasons why your project has not been approved, but they all mean that Casting Networks either needs more information about your project and/or roles, or that there are some adjustments you’ll have to make to your project before it can be posted.

If one of your projects is currently paused, indicated by a change request in your project’s status, don’t worry. We’re here to get you through it and show you what you have to do to get your project moving.

How do I know if my project is stuck in limbo?

When your project becomes stuck, you will notice a change to your project’s status, indicated by the color of the bar to the left of your project in your dashboard. Projects requiring changes will have a red bar as if they have been rejected.

Other colors and meanings include purple for projects under review, gray for projects in draft and green for approved projects. If your project is stalled you will receive an email detailing why and what you’ll need to do to get it approved.

How do I get my project approved?

You’ll be relieved to know that you do not need to create a new project from scratch. To get out of limbo and bring your project to life, all you have to do is follow a few quick steps.

First, check your email inbox right away for a notification detailing what Casting Networks needs from you to move your project forward. Then go into your project, make the requested changes and submit them for approval.

Once you’ve done that, hit the blue “Submit for review” button. The status will become purple and Casting Networks’ project review team will take a look at your changes.

There’s nothing more you’ll need to do from that point as you’ll be informed if you’re good to go or if there’s more updates required. When your changes have been approved your project will become active and the status bar will turn green.

Remember, the quickest way to complete the process is to respond to the notification email informing you why your project became stalled so that the review team knows to start checking.

If your project is paused in the Casting Networks platform, you now have the knowledge to move forward. Be sure to check your emails regularly to catch these situations early so that you can move fast and get your projects off the ground. If you ever have any questions regarding your projects or other topics you can always email Casting Networks or chat with our support team to help improve your experience.

Got a project stuck in limbo? Log into Casting Networks and tackle it now!

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