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Stefanie Martini as Marnie Palmer and Tom Cullen as John Palmer In The Gold, episode 2, season 1, streaming on Paramount+ 2023. Photo Credit Sally Mais/Tannadice Pictures/Paramount+

3 New Series Streaming in September 2023 You Won’t Want to Miss

And just like that, September is upon us, with no clear end to our strike times in sight. But as long as there’s new content to be covered, we’ll be here to give you our top picks. Keep reading for three new series premiering this month on streamers that you won’t want to miss, as well as some of the noteworthy performances you can catch in each.

The Gold

Have you been dying to watch one of the UK’s biggest new dramas of the year so far? If so, you’re in luck. Thanks to Paramount+, The Gold is coming to our side of the pond in September. The series draws from real events that took place at the end of 1983. On November 26 of that year, six armed men broke into a secure storage facility near London’s Heathrow Airport. What started as a run-of-the-mill heist — they intended to steal £1 million in cash — quickly escalated to the biggest robbery of its time. The lucky delinquents had stumbled upon roughly three tons of gold bullion that was worth £26 million.

The Gold not only depicts the epic robbery but also its fallout. That includes the large-scale money laundering that followed, along with a newfound connection between blue- and white-collar criminals. And let’s not forget the trail of controversy and murder that came after the historic heist. If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for intriguing television, we don’t know what does. Plus, the show comes with a stacked cast led by Hugh Bonneville, Jack Lowden and Dominic Cooper. You can catch all these performances and more when The Gold has its U.S. premiere on Paramount+ come September 17.

Still Up

According to Apple TV+, its upcoming comedy series is about two best friends, Danny and Lisa, “who have no secrets except their feelings for each other.” The platonic comrades seem to talk about everything else, though, as it relates to their shared experience of living with insomnia. The Still Up trailer teases lots of laughs along the way as the two navigate their after-hours world with antics that range from going on a first date (not with each other) to winding up alone in the middle of a herd of cows.

You can take in performances from Craig Roberts and Antonia Thomas, who respectively lead the series as Danny and Lisa, when Still Up premieres on Apple TV+ come September 22. At that time, be sure to also keep an eye out for a strong supporting cast that includes names like Blake Harrison, Lois Chimimba, Luke Fetherston and Rich Fulcher.

The Continental

John Wick fans, rejoice! You may have thought the franchise was over, but here we are with a new project that serves as a prequel to the world Keanu Reeves gave us throughout the four John Wick film installments. The Continental explores the origin behind the eponymous hotel-for-assassins from which the upcoming miniseries derives its title. The story centers on Winston Scott, the man behind the chain of hotels that serve as neutral ground for assassins. Ian McShane previously portrayed the character in the John Wick films, and you can enjoy watching Colin Woodell take on a younger version of the role for The Continental.

The origin story of the iconic hotel plays out via Winston’s eyes and actions as he navigates the dangers of 1970s New York City and charts a deadly course through the hotel’s underworld in an attempt to seize control of it. One threat is none other than Mel Gibson, who plays ruthless kingpin Cormac in The Continental. Besides the A-lister, you can also take in the work of Mishel Prada, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Nhung Kate, Jessica Allain, Ayomide Adegun, Jeremy Bobb and Peter Greene when the miniseries premieres on Peacock on September 22.

From a based-on-real-life heist show to a John Wick prequel miniseries, you can enter into the new month — and whatever it may hold for our industry at large — with a varied watchlist of new series premiering in September full of notable performances to take in.

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