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Introducing TIME’S UP Foundation in Partnership with Casting Networks®

Rachel Frawley

Over the past several years, the industry landscape has been changing dramatically. In a field that once only half-joked about casting couches, we are seeing the rise in popularity of intimacy coaches. The physical and emotional safety of actors and professionals onset, once a nebulous afterthought, is being pushed to the forefront of the industry, and best practices are gaining mainstream recognition.

This is largely due to the #MeToo campaign several years back and widespread revelations of workplace sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry and beyond, which sparked the TIME’S UP movement. In an effort to connect actors and artists across the film and theatre industries with resources to keep everyone safe and aware of their rights, Casting Networks has been working with TIME’S UP Foundation (TIME’S UP). In addition to sending over 1.1 million emails sharing the  TIME’S UP Guide to Working In Entertainment to our professional network, Casting Networks has pledged to include this Guide in our onboarding materials provided to new members.  

Casting Networks has already committed a series of editorial pieces highlighting TIME’S UP issues impacting the Casting Networks community, and we will be outlining additional resources and actor experiences here on this blog. Our aim is to raise awareness about the TIME’S UP Guide to Working In Entertainment in order to empower artists with knowledge regarding how to prevent and address sexual harassment.  

Silence, thankfully, has at last gone out of style. We hope to encourage a culture of open and respectful communication, backed by access to tangible resources. In a time when the industry has a lot of unexpected time for reflection, we hope this will strengthen the shaping of a safer, stronger future for all.


What exactly is TIME’S UP?

TIME’S UP is an independent and non-partisan charitable organization, aimed at ensuring the safety and equal opportunities of all, and specifically focused on promoting the kind of gender equity shamefully lacking in our industry. Its entertainment group works with partners and leaders across the industry to prevent workplace harassment and address systemic inequity ( And they don’t stop at the entertainment industry. With eyes ever on the horizon, TIME’S UP is working for change in healthcare and advertising as well.

But it’s not just good intentions. Buoyed by the TIME’S UP Foundation, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund was launched in 2018 to provide legal support to survivors seeking justice for sexual harassment and retaliation. If something has happened to you at work you can request a free legal consultation at You can also request Public Relations support through the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund. 


For more information:

To access the TIME’S UP Guide to Working In Entertainment (Volumes 1-3 cover topics such as Reporting Options, Rights Within Auditions, Rights Within Intimate, Nude and Sex Scenes):


      Text SAFESETS to 30644

Knowledge is power. The industry is changing, and so, thankfully, are the resources available to those who seek justice and equity. Visit and explore some of these resources. Spread the word far and wide. While this is merely a brief overview, our intent is to educate and empower artists to self-advocate, advocate for others, and know where to turn for help. Follow TIME’S UP on Twitter and Instagram to learn how you can get involved.

Our industry hasn’t always been there for you. As far as we’ve come, it can still feel like a very lonely battlefield, especially for women and people of color. Now is the time to take control, stand together and be heard. We have more resources than ever to help us shape the industry into a fairer, safer place for all. Time is up for bigotry, harassment and limited opportunity. I look forward to this partnership with TIME’S UP, and I am eager to be an active participant in the change to follow.