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31 At-Home Activities for Every Day This Month

We’re kicking off 2021 in the right way, full of inspirational videos to keep you motivated and hone in on your craft. Enjoy a mixture of videos to inspire you throughout the month of January. 
Arts / Culture
1. Check out the full performance of “Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake,” performed by the Kirov Ballet via Warner Classics! 
2. The National Theatre in London shared a series of “Vocal Warm-Ups” for actors featuring Jeannette Nelson, head of voice at the company. Enjoy series #1 and #2
3. Google Arts and Culture offers “Experiments” online, such as an online color booking where you can paint through palettes of famous paintings. Dive in here
4. The Leopold Museum in Austria offers an online museum explorer where you can learn about notable artist Egon Schiele, expressionism pieces, modern art and much more. 
5. Take a sneak peek of the New York Aquarium‘s new shark exhibit via a cinematic walkthrough of their coral reef. Enjoy!
6. Watch this quick clip by the New England Aquarium of their giant ocean tanks with some incredible views of turtles. 
7. Interested in watching some live theatre from home? Learn more and subscribe to the National Theatre at home, where you can catch theatre performances from your living room. 
Live Performances
8. Kick-off 2021 with advice from your favorite actors on how to make it in Hollywood. Watch the full 15-minute clip featuring William H. Macy, Darren Criss and many more.
9. Behind the scenes video is always a treat, especially when they are from Disney live-action features! Find out what these eight Disney live-action remakes look like from behind the camera.
10. Jude Law has had an epic career full of big-screen titles. Watch him discuss his roles with GQ in this 30+ minute video on YouTube.
11. Back in 2010, notable director Taika Waititi hosted a Ted Talk on “The Art of Creativity,” which will be sure to fill your cup of inspiration.
12. Check out this “How to Get Into Character” video presented by Bazaar UK. “Always show up to the job interview like you already got the job” is one of the many informative tips from Gillian Anderson, who recently played Margaret Thatcher in “The Crown.”
13. Learn from Pro LA Acting Coach Anthony Gilardi as he breaks down twelve “Batman” villain Performances.
14. Variety has a wide range of “Actors on Actors” conversations that last over 1-hour long. Why not watch Don Cheadle and Sacha Baron Cohen discuss their roles and the extreme characters they have played in the past?
15. From “101 Dalmatians” to “Mars Attacks,” listen to Glenn Close break down her career with Vanity Fair. 
16. Acting coach Jonna Johnson breaks down 10 iconic crying scenes, going into detail on the highs and lows of the performances. Make sure to check out the rest in the acting coach series for Insider.
17. LADbible TV hosts an on-going series on their YouTube channel called “First Impressions.” Watch this hilarious video series featuring famous actors like Lana Condor and Will Smith doing their best impressions and showing their hidden talents.
18. Check out this career retrospective from legendary actress Octavia Spencer, who goes into detail on her fear of auditioning and much more, presented by SAG-AFTRA.
19. Wired hosted a video back in 2016 on their YouTube channel where a movie accent expert breaks down 32 separate performances from Kate Winslet in “Jobs” to Daniel Day-Lewis in “Gangs of New York.” This one is worth a watch! 
20. Are you a “Breaking Bad” fan? Check out this table read for the episode titled “Blood Money.”
21. Watch this fun video of Vanity Fair quizzing British stars on which American accent is the hardest, featuring Michelle Dockery, Richard Madden, Emily Blunt and many more.
22. Star Carey Mulligan and Director Emerald Fennell of “Promising Young Woman sat down with Variety to discuss her directorial debut and the project in detail. Check out the full video here.
23. For anyone who loves 80s Halloween movies, this link is for you! Check out the table read with the original cast from the 1985 version of “Fright Night.”
24. From “Austin Powers” to “Kingsman,” a former CIA chief of disguise breaks down over 20 spy scenes from well-known movies and series. 
Exercise & Meditation
25. Looking for a no-equipment workout? Try this 9 circuits and a warm-up workout via SELF. Check it out and watch that timer! 
26. Relax and unwind to this peaceful crystal bowl sound bath. The best part is the video from Healing Vibrations is 3-hours long!
27. Jump in with the Body Coach on YouTube who has a high-energy New Year’s Day HIIT workout.
28. Follow along with Fit Tuber’s quick 15-minute daily yoga routine for beginners!
29. Get your sweat on with this 30-minute dance and cardio kickboxing workout from Joseph D and his team. Different levels are included for beginners! 
30. Stuck at home wishing you could take an in-person dance class? Why not try this intro to ballet specifically designed for beginners, brought to you by Miss Auti
31. Check out this full-body stretching routine, meant for flexibility and pain relief, presented by physical therapist AskDoctorJo. This video will relax your whole body, head to toe! 
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