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4 Common Casting Call Mistakes for Project Creators To Avoid

When it comes to creating a project on Casting Networks, you want to maintain a professional attitude with your performers from top to bottom. This includes the elements of your project as you create it.

These four common pitfalls can make your project look unprofessional and convince performers to dismiss your project, leading you to miss out on some great talent.

1. Asking for too much personal information

Never ask for social security numbers or birthdates. If a project notice asks for personally identifying information, it looks more like an identity theft scam than a legitimate casting call. For an added layer of security, project creators and talent have the ability to communicate directly through the Casting Networks platform, keeping both parties’ contacts protected.

2. Setting unusual payment terms

No legitimate casting notice will ever require an actor to pay to audition or pay to be involved in a project. Similarly, offering to pay performers upfront is a red flag that the project may not be legitimate since this looks like an attempt to obtain sensitive banking details.

3. Overhyping the role and project

Avoid telling actors that your project is a “great opportunity” or “great exposure” for them, and avoid using too many exclamation points. Anything that sounds too good to be true will send up a red flag for an actor.

4. Sending too much audition material

Many actors will turn down auditions for student films or low-low budget films if you send ten pages of sides for an initial audition on a tight deadline. Respect their time by keeping the length of the sides appropriate for your project’s size. Here’s some ways you can get more submissions for your projects.

Now that you know what not to do, check out our articles on casting call best practices and creating safe casting experiences to learn how you can make your next casting notice stand out – in a good way.

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