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Photo Courtesy of Alexandra Pia

Meet Our Team: Alexandra Pia, Director of Support and Client Success

Alexa Amin

Welcome to our new recurring column, Meet Our Team, where we will spotlight some of the integral members of the Casting Networks team who are dedicated to keeping our platform running smoothly and efficiently for our customers and clients. For our first installment, we speak with Alexandra (Ali) Pia, Director of Support and Client Success at Casting Networks. Learn what drove Ali to pursue a career in Global Support, what she loves most about working at Casting Networks, what she is excited to work on this year and more!


1. What is your role at Casting Networks?

As Director of the Support and Client Success teams, I manage the support and success of our customers across our lines of business. The Support team is made up of Enterprise, Talent and Shared Services Support who specialize in their specific clients, such as Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Managers and Talent. The Client Success Team focuses on strengthening relationships with our clients, ensuring they can get the most out of our applications, gathering feedback and acting strategically to grow business within and across our portfolio of products.


2. What is your favorite part of your job?

Without any hesitation, it’s working with my colleagues and my team. I have a dynamic and deeply dedicated team of people who step up and help our customers around the world and around the clock. The team collaborates and comes up with new solutions and I love the synergy that comes out of it.


3. What are you most excited about working on this year?

I’m really excited about the programs we are kicking off this year. We are partnering more closely with some significant groups in the casting industry like the Casting Society of America (CSA), as well as continuing our years of work with the Commercial Casting Directors Association (CCDA) and the Association of Talent Agents (ATA), and I’m looking forward to the opportunities that will open up. I’m also excited about the Grads program we are kicking off, holding talks at universities around the country. The Talent Support team will also be dedicating time to consulting with actors, giving advice and suggestions to help them get the most out of our platforms, and most importantly, book more work!


4. What are some interesting areas you get to focus on at Casting Networks that you didn’t in previous roles?

I’ve been on the tech side of the entertainment industry for years, largely focusing on TV and Film production, so getting into the casting side of the industry is really fun – there are new kinds of challenges and we have a colorful mix of clients and customers who keep it interesting.


5. What’s something interesting or unexpected about your role that people would be surprised to know?

I think it’s easy to lose sight of the high-profile nature of the work we do. The casting side of the industry holds a lot of mystique and we are deeply immersed in it on a daily basis, right in the center of that process.


6. What drove you to pursue a career in Global Support?

After studying TV & Film production, telecommunications and broadcasting in college I moved to Hollywood and joined a tech startup that was transforming how the major film studios utilized technology to manage the production process. I worked with clients along the way, easing them away from outdated workflows and doing whatever it took for them to get their work done in a more efficient way. There was always a need to be empathetic and creative and come up with what felt like hundreds of solutions per day. From there I continued to grow teams who could be great at this kind of work, understanding clients and helping them to innovate and work creatively utilizing technology.


7. Tell us about a mentor or person who inspired you to get to where you are today.

There are so many who I’m inspired by on a daily basis, but, I have to go with Mom on this one. She’s looked out for me since day one and continues to be my number one support person to this day.

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