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What’s New on Casting Networks for Talent Representatives

Casting Networks

Here is an overview of some notable enhancements that were released over the past two weeks: 

  • Overall:
    • Performed major optimizations on the site to improve speed and reliability
    • Resolved latency issues in email notifications
    • Ensured erroneous emails are no longer sent to users without active accounts
  • Projects & Roles
    • Projects now appear as “Unviewed” on project list when casting publishes a new role
    • Changed “Autofill by role criteria” filter to include role gender
    • Resolved an issue which caused role dates to appear improperly due to time zone translations
    • Resolved an issue preventing role details from expanding when customizing a profile for a submission
  • Worksheet 
    • Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect casting information to display on the Worksheet
    • Resolved latency issues when forwarding to talent, reviewing talent responses and sending responses to casting (eliminates double send)
    • Turned media/self tape request gating off by default
    • Resolved an issue that caused an incorrect message to appear after responding to audition and callback requests
  • Roster Management
    • Migrated talent date of birth from our legacy platform 
    • Resolved an issue which prevented users from filtering on mobile devices
    • Resolved an issue that prevented users from editing certain talent thumbnails 
    • Resolved an issue that prevented some profiles from being reactivated
    • Resolved latency issues on the Invitation History page 
  • Packages & Lists
    • Resolved an issue which caused duplicate profiles to appear in Packages
    • Fixed a bug which caused “Add All Talent to List” button to display when removing talent from a list 


Over the coming few weeks, we will be steadily releasing further workflow improvements and functionality that will enable you to optimize your work. These enhancements include:

  • Overall
    • Improve user experience to complete actions with fewer clicks
    • Replace “Filter” button with drop-down lists
  • Projects & Roles
    • Ability to see book out dates beneath talent baseball cards
    • Ability to filter out talent based on book out dates and conflicts
    • Improve the display of submission due date
    • Add Casting Company Name to emails from casting regarding project updates
    • Filtering talent by real age range will be made available as a primary filter option
  • Worksheet
    • Display the role name on the worksheet
    • Display talent email and phone number 
    • Update the path from request emails to take users to the worksheet filtered by the relevant project
    • Option to “Confirm” a media/self tape request
    • Display “Due Date” for media/self tape requests
  • Roster Management 
    • Ability to filter/search by skill level 
    • Open edit pages from baseball card in pop-up window instead of navigating to a new page
    • Open edit and preview profile in new tabs 
  • Packages & Lists
    • Ability to contact talent within a package
    • Ability to customize photos in a package