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Thrive and Shine: Casting Networks Premium Members Can Now Access Benefits and Discounts

We recently gave you a preview of Casting Networks Thrive, our new benefits and discounts program. Today, Casting Networks is proud to announce that Premium members now can access these incredible benefits.

Thrive is a convenient and easy-to-use add-on to Premium memberships that enables your well-being with unlimited, affordable access to telemedicine and behavioral health services whenever you need them. With this program, members can enjoy savings up to $1,564 per year on telemedicine/behavioral health and at the pharmacy.

Thrive’s offerings provide caregiver/provider access and discounts that are uniquely suited to your needs as a working actor. Members enjoy convenient access to physician care and licensed therapists online or by phone, integrated with your electronic health records for a seamless healthcare experience to help you perform at your best and stress less.

Enrolling in these benefits is easy, taking only a few minutes of your time so that your busy schedule can stay on track.

Here is a quick rundown of the benefits and savings accompanying Premium memberships:

Thrive Benefits for Premium Members

  • Telemedicine with Behavioral Health: Take care of your whole self with unlimited access to telemedicine and behavioral health services, saving an average of $564 on medical and mental healthcare per year. These appointments can be easily accessed and arranged either online or on your phone for a pleasant and convenient experience.
  • Pharmacy Discounts: On average, save 66% on the cost of your medications, with potential savings of up to 80% (varies by medication).
  • Discounts with LetsGetChecked: Designed to support proactive health monitoring and management, LetsGetChecked offers home health testing, medication delivery and virtual consultations. Fast delivery and ease of use ensures for a private, secure and flexible checkup. With Thrive, Premium members will receive a 25% discount on most of LetsGetChecked’s tests so that they can monitor their health at their convenience.


Please note that Thrive is available in Puerto Rico, but residents will not be able to receive LetsGetChecked discounts.

How to Enroll to Thrive

Enrolling in Thrive takes just a few minutes. If you have a Premium membership, log into your Casting Networks account, go to Account Settings, and navigate to the “Membership & Billing” page. Once there, simply check the box and click “Enroll in Thrive Benefits” to get started.

We’re here to support your journey as a performer and want you to bring your whole self to work with a holistic system that nurtures your career and your well-being.

To learn more about the Casting Networks Thrive program, including FAQ, please visit our Customer Support page or

Are you ready to Thrive? Enroll today!