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Photo Courtesy of Disney Feature Casting

Talent Search Launched for Upcoming Disney Film ‘World’s Best’

Disney Feature Casting has launched a worldwide talent search for a role in an upcoming feature-length Disney film!

Casting is seeking an actor to play the role of Raj Patel. Actor to play 12 years old, South Asian, kind, quick-witted and just pre-puberty. He lives with his mother and feels under pressure for her approval. His father is dead, but Raj has made his dad his imaginary friend. Raj is an expert at math, so much so that he takes math classes with the 11th graders, and is expected to lead the upcoming Mathlympics Competition to victory. But Raj is secretly obsessed with his father’s dream of becoming a rap musician, and (under his ghost-dad’s boastful tutelage) abandons his math studies in an attempt to develop himself as a rapper. Raj almost splits his focus into far too many different areas, and his attempt to achieve multiple goals in life almost loses him everything, including the respect of his friends. Musical or rap ability would be a plus.

Please submit as soon as possible to not miss your chance! For more information and to submit, click here.