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Production Hubs: Albuquerque

With projects like Breaking Bad and Sicario claiming this town as their production home, Albuquerque is no stranger to the industry. But with Netflix’s recent acquisition of Albuquerque Studios, the city is firmly on the map of the nation’s top-tier production hubs. It’s currently home to shows like Roswell, New Mexico and upcoming projects like the star-studded Wander.

Our latest Production Hubs installment gives you the latest on current and upcoming Albuquerque projects and the casting directors behind them. Read on for the inside scoop, and be sure to bookmark our Albuquerque casting calls page for the latest audition info. 


505 Studio Works 

Jo Edna Boldin is the name behind the company. With such credits as the 2008 Best Picture winner No Country for Old Men under her belt, Boldin is a casting force in the southwestern region. She recently cast a string of well-known features that include Sicario: Day of the Soldado, 12 Strong and Hostiles. Boldin often works with Marie A. Kohl, known as Marie A. K. McMaster on the Casting Society of America website. Kohl is listed there as an associate and has worked at that level on all the aforementioned features that Boldin has cast. But both Boldin and Kohl are credited as casting directors on multiple episodes of The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico, which shoots in Albuquerque. Kohl also earned casting director credits on the first season of CBS All Access’ upcoming crime series Interrogation. Up next for Boldin is the crime drama Coyote and the romantic comedy I’m Your Man, the latter of which she’s co-producing and Viola Davis is executive producing.

There is no website for 505 Studio Works, and the company doesn’t have a presence on social media. The same is true of Boldin, but actors curious to know more about her can start with her nominations and awards. Her casting contributions to Godless and Into the West both garnered her Emmy noms. And she won at the Artios Awards for both No Country for Old Men and Hell or High Water. Kohl was also on the casting team for the latter and shared in the win for it, as well. Those looking to connect with Kohl can check out her McMaster Audition Workshops and Resources Facebook page, where she provides tips and encouragements for actors.  


Midthunder Casting 

Angelique Midthunder owns the casting company and has a number of impressive features under her belt, including Captain Fantastic for which she received an Artios nomination alongside her casting team members. She also received an Emmy nomination, along with Richard Hinks and current Motion Picture Academy president David Rubin, for casting Georgia O’Keeffe. As for upcoming projects, she’s on the casting team for the new National Geographic Channel series Barskins. The drama will focus on a group of outcasts in late 17th century New France. Midthunder is also casting The Earth Above, currently in development and set in a water-scarce future in which a group of activists try to save one of our largest remaining aquifers. The project already has Oscar winner Melissa Leo attached, according to IMDbPro

For those interested in learning more, the Midthunder Casting site is a good place to start. Midthunder is also active on Instagram as @midthundercasting. Actors with a passion for giving back may easily connect with the philanthropy-minded casting office. The company’s Instagram account recently posted that it would be collecting donations for people and animals to distribute during the holiday season. 


Good Faith Casting

Faith Hibbs-Clark runs Good Faith Casting. Her credits include the blockbuster Transformers: The Last Night and Being Rose, the 2017 feature starring Cybill Shepherd and James Brolin. Hibbs-Clark is also occupied with multiple upcoming projects yet to be released. On that list is the action thriller Wander, which centers on a private investigator who links one of his cases to his daughter’s death. The cast features several topline names including Tommy Lee Jones, Aaron Eckhart and Heather Graham. The film was shot in Albuquerque, and Hibbs-Clark handled the New Mexico casting.

With more than 20 years of experience under her belt, the veteran casting director remains passionate about the profession. On her company site, Hibbs-Clark describes herself as “an artist that paints pictures with faces.” Hibbs-Clark previously worked as a communications expert and even coached federal agents, trial attorneys and CEOs . Actors with a background in communications can connect with the casting director over their shared experiences. To learn more about Hibbs-Clark and ways to connect with her, follow @goodfaithcasting on Instagram, a social media platform on which she’s active. 


The names above are just a few of the many standout Albuquerque casting directors to keep on your radar. Others include Kiira Arai who cast 30 episodes of Breaking Bad and has a long list of shows and films under her name. Arai recently cast the upcoming movie from Disney+, Stargirl, which shot outside Albuquerque and will release in 2020. Kathryn Brink boasts a track record of impressive credits and an upcoming project to look out for: The Cardinal Sin, the feature drama with Vivica A. Fox attached and which will also film in Albuquerque. And keep this name in mind: Jennifer Schwalenberg, the former deputy director of the New Mexico Film Office. She often casts projects with Midthunder, such as the upcoming Barksins. With Albuquerque’s star rising and its hometown casting directors frequently called upon to cast major projects, actors everywhere would be wise to keep an eye on the burgeoning production hub. 

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