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Production still of Gonzalez Biziou in the Alfa Insurance® Spot. Photo by Jason Cohen of CounterTake.

My Casting Story: Gabriella Gonzalez Biziou on Booking an Alfa Insurance® Spot

One of the tried and true rules of acting is that the best way to get an audition is to go on vacation. In the case of Gabriella Gonzalez Biziou — whose TV and film credits range from Facebook Watch’s Sorry for Your Loss to Lifetime’s Road Trip Hostage — it was a commercial callback.

The actor virtually sat down with Casting Networks to share how she managed to put together a self tape for the new Alfa Insurance® spot while on vacation in Joshua Tree, California.

“I play a photographer who specializes in dog photography,” Gonzalez Biziou told us when describing her role in the commercial. “It was a really fun spot to do.”

She revealed that the audition process included improv, with some of her one-liners making it to the final spot. You’ll have to watch the interview to find out what those lines are, but if you want to take a guess, view the commercial first.

As for how she landed the gig, Gonzalez Biziou told us that being away from her home — and the resulting energy — helped. “I think there’s something to that,” she said. “Just having that element of fun in there and having the unexpected — it allows you to be genuine.”

The actor also shared a moment of gratitude for the commercial’s director, Simon Marthinsen, as well as the whole CounterTake creative team. Booking the spot added to Gonzalez Biziou’s recent career momentum, which includes landing three commercials in a row.

Before the interview wrapped, she added one last takeaway gleaned from the Alfa Insurance® spot’s audition process.

“Don’t plan for everything,” she said. “Do all your work and then let things happen and be present with it and enjoy it.”

You can catch all these insights and more in this on-camera installment of My Casting Story.

This video interview has been edited and condensed.

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