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Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Profile on Casting Platforms

Even if you haven’t booked any new gigs in a bit, it’s a good idea to refresh your profiles on casting platforms periodically to keep things fresh. Repetition is good, but also the more you see the same thing time after time, the easier it is to visually tune it out. Here are a couple of easy ways you can shake things up on your profile.


Check your info.

The first thing to do is to check that all your info is current. It’s easy to let time slip by without realizing your profile is out of date. Size cards, contact info, and résumé should all be kept updated for quick and easy reference.


Add new pictures.

Keeping headshots current is important. Especially if you have distinct changes in hair, weight, type etc. Even if your appearance is largely the same, getting new headshots every few years is a good idea. However, if you can’t spring for new primary headshots, or don’t need them currently but still want to mix things up, adding character shots is a good way to keep up the look of your profile. You may be able to spend a bit less on them, (although they still need to be professional quality), and you can have more than two in your profile. These shots should not be costumed so much as they should suggest a type. If you get cast as nerdy characters and you wear glasses, have a shot that includes them. If you’re a shoo-in for procedurals, have a shot with a blazer or a more buttoned-down vibe. If you’re the siren, have a sultry look, etc. This adds visual variety and gives your agent some options when submitting you to specific projects.


Change up your media.

One of the best ways to keep things fresh is to add new media clips. Reworking your reel can be time-consuming and pricey, but it is a great way to be memorable and show growth. Even if you’re not ready to redo your whole reel, most casting platforms allow you to add media clips. Keeping those updated keeps viewers from getting bored with old material. If you haven’t booked anything recently, it might be time to do a student film or film clips that show your strengths with fellow actors and industry professionals. Definitely check in with your agent about what is appropriate for your target market. Some markets don’t mind self-tape clips, or filmed content pulled from plays or original works. This is not to say it shouldn’t still be high quality. You want your clips to look professional. But in a pinch, there may be creative options to get some new media clips up. 


Don’t forget slate shots.

Filming new slate shots is one of the quickest and easiest ways to breathe some new life into your profile. These can be self-taped and while you might have to pay a fee to put them up, it’s worth it to keep them current and give casting directors a few seconds of something new when they see your headshot.


Keeping your casting profile current gives the impression of a working actor. It’s eye-catching and professional. This is just one of the many things about the business side of acting that requires upkeep, but the good news is, that a lot of this is within your power to update and change yourself. Set yourself up for success and give your profile a facelift from time to time.