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Custom Profile Links for Casting Networks Profiles Are Back for Premium Members

If you’ve been a Casting Networks member for years, you might remember the ability to create a personalized link for your profile. Good news: it’s back!

This feature, exclusive to Premium members for their personal profiles, has returned to help performers with their personal brands, making their profiles easy to share and remember (e.g.,

Having a custom profile link for your personal profile allows you to have more control of your acting career. Once created and approved, your custom profile link can be added to your website, social media accounts or business card and be easily shared when chatting with industry professionals.

screenshot of a casting networks profile with a highlighted custom profile link.

A custom profile link is an excellent tool for professional branding and networking as it makes it effortless to get your profile in front of the right eyes, opening up more avenues for connections and opportunities in the process.

Creating a custom profile link is easy! With just a few clicks, you can make your profile stand out with minimal effort. To create a custom profile link, go to the Visibility section of your Account Settings, then enter your preferred custom profile link.

custom profile link editing page.

When creating a custom profile link, certain names and keywords will not be allowed. Our teams built this with security in mind as it can prevent impersonation. When someone attempts to use these terms or create a custom profile link that is no longer available, a notification message will appear.

If the custom profile link is available, you can click “Save” and your profile will be accessible under the new link. If you ever want to change your link, you can do so after your custom profile link has been active for 90 days.

Custom profile links are excellent tools for any actor looking to up their professional branding game. Here’s a quick summary of all the benefits it has to offer:

  • Personal Branding Made Easy: The new custom slug feature allows actors to personalize their public profile link on our casting platform.
  • Streamlined Sharing: Actors can easily share their profile with casting directors, agents, and on social media.
  • Professional Appearance: A custom profile link enhances the professional look of an actor’s digital presence, telling industry pros that the actor is serious about their career.
  • Improved Visibility and Accessibility: Custom slugs can help make actors more memorable for casting directors and agents, and improve the chances of getting more visits and revists to their profile.
  • Ease of Use: Actors can easily set up their custom profile link in just a few clicks, making their profile stand out with minimal effort.
  • Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Including a custom, easy-to-remember link in social media bios, email signatures and business cards can increase an actor’s visibility and networking reach.


For more information on custom profile links, visit our Customer Support page.

What are you waiting for? Log in or subscribe to a Casting Networks Premium membership experience the perks of a custom profile link today!

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