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Casting Directors Weigh In on Their Emmy Noms 

As a part of our continued coverage of the upcoming Emmys, we’re giving you a window into what receiving the recognition means to some of this year’s casting nominees. But first, let us provide a little background on the awards show. The first mention on the Television Academy site of an Emmy award being given for casting can be found in its 1991 list of winners, which came more than 40 years after the show’s inaugural ceremony. We’re hoping that one day the Academy Awards will follow suit and begin recognizing the vital work that casting directors do by amending its categories to include them, as well. But we digress.

You can find out which nominated casting directors win come September 18 when the Creative Arts Emmy Awards air on FXX. Per the Television Academy, each statuette is partially made of gold and weighs in at a whopping 6 pounds and 12 ounces. Plus, every one of them requires more than 5 hours to make and is carefully handled with “white gloves to prevent fingerprints.” 

The care with which its awards are crafted reflects the honor that they represent. And during these pandemic times, the work they laud means more than ever. “Television has provided a lifeline for so many around the globe this year, delivering a constant source of entertainment, information, and inspiration during some of our most difficult days,” said the Television Academy’s chairman and CEO Frank Scherma in a statement.

Considering the weight of the honor they’ve received, we wanted to know how casting directors felt about garnering an Emmy nod. With the help of Casting Society of America, we heard from casting directors nominated for their work across all casting categories. Keep reading to find out what some of this year’s nominees had to say about receiving the recognition and what it means to them. 


Theo Park on receiving a nomination in the category of Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series for Ted Lasso:

“It is such a thrill to be part of the Ted Lasso family — anyway, how lucky am I?! And now to receive this recognition from the lovely people in the [Television] Academy gives me such a thrill. I am so grateful and honored.”


Kim Coleman on receiving a nomination in the category of Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series for Lovecraft Country:

“It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of such a groundbreaking show. To be nominated alongside such amazing work adds to the excitement!”


Avy Kaufman on receiving a nomination in the category of Outstanding Casting for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for Mare of Easttown:

“Receiving recognition for the casting of Mare of Easttown is such a compliment. Casting Mare of Easttown was a fun and inspiring experience. Harrison Nesbit was my associate/partner on this show. Spending these days with so many talented actors was a highlight in casting this show.”


Michelle McNulty on receiving a nomination in the category of Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program for The Voice:

“It’s amazing to be recognized! It feels like my eighth-grade dance in Stephanie Rezk’s garage when Andrew Holt asked me to dance to ‘I Swear’ by All-4-One!”


Ron Mare on receiving a nomination in the category of Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program for Top Chef:

“Casting Top Chef can only be explained as a team sport, and I am only as good as my team at Magical Elves, whom I am beyond proud to represent. A nomination like this wouldn’t be possible without EVP of Casting and Talent Relations Samantha Hanks, as well as Co-CEOs Casey Kriley and Jo Sharon. We are so lucky to be able to find such highly talented chefs and showcase their skills on this show, and it truly is an honor to be nominated in this category.”


This year’s list of Emmy nominations contained a number of first-time acting nominees, including thespians from our featured casting directors’ shows. One example is Park’s cast for Ted Lasso, which included Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, Juno Temple, Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Nick Mohammed, and Jeremy Swift, all of whom received their first-ever acting Emmy nods for their respective roles. Jurnee Smollett and Jonathan Majors became first-time nominees for their work in Lovecraft Country, cast by Coleman. And Kaufman’s cast for Mare of Easttown included Julianne Nicholson and Evan Peters, who also experienced their inaugural entries on the list of Emmy nominees.

You can find below a full list of all the casting directors who received recognition from the Television Academy this year with Emmy nominations. And come September 18, you can learn which of them will be adding a nearly 7-pound statuette to their trophy case.  

Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series

The Flight Attendant

Kim Miscia, CSA, Casting by

Beth Bowling, CSA, Casting by

John Papsidera, CSA, Original Casting by



Jeanne McCarthy, CSA, Casting by

Nicole Abellera Hallman, CSA, Casting by


The Kominsky Method 

Nikki Valko, CSA, Casting by 

Ken Miller, CSA, Casting by 

Tara Treacy, CSA, Casting by



Melissa DeLizia, CSA, Casting by

Ted Lasso 

Theo Park, Casting by


Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series


Kelly Valentine Hendry, CDG, CSA, Casting by


The Crown 

Robert Sterne, Casting by


The Handmaid’s Tale 

Sharon Bialy, CSA, Casting by

Sherry Thomas, CSA, Casting by 

Russell Scott, CSA, Casting by

Robin D. Cook, CSA, Location Casting


Lovecraft Country 

Kim Coleman, CSA, Casting by 

Meagan Lewis, CSA, Location Casting


The Mandalorian 

Sarah Halley Finn, CSA, Casting by


Outstanding Casting for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie

I May Destroy You

Julie Harkin, CDG, Casting by


Mare Of Easttown 

Avy Kaufman, CSA, Casting by


The Queen’s Gambit

Ellen Lewis, Casting by

Kate Sprance, Casting by

Olivia Scott-Webb, Casting by

Tina Gerussi, Location Casting 

Anna-Lena Slater, Location Casting 

Tatjana Moutchnik, Location Casting 

Stephanie Maile, Location Casting


The Underground Railroad 

Francine Maisler, CSA, Casting by 

Meagan Lewis, CSA, Location Casting



Sarah Halley Finn, CSA, Casting by

Jason B. Stamey, CSA, Casting by


Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program

Queer Eye

Danielle Gervais, Casting by

Natalie Pino, Casting by

MaryAnne Nicoletti, Casting by 

Pamela Vallarelli, Location Casting 

Ally Capriotti Grant, Location Casting


RuPaul’s Drag Race

Goloka Bolte, Casting by 

Ethan Petersen, Casting by


Shark Tank 

Mindy Zemrak, Casting by

Jen Rosen, Casting by

Erica Brooks Hochberg, Casting by


Top Chef 

Ron Mare, Casting by


The Voice

Michelle McNulty, CSA, Casting by 

Holly Dale, Casting by

Courtney Burns, Casting by


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