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5 Things Actors Need to Update Regularly

An acting career requires lots of maintenance. Once we hit certain milestones it’s easy to feel like we’ve “made it” and forget that our careers and presentation grow and change with us. It’s important to keep certain materials updated to reflect that. Here are some things you should keep maintaining as you go.

1. Headshots
Headshots can be expensive, and it’s easy to put off updating them. But they are a huge part of the audition process. Some professionals advise getting new ones every couple of years, but as that can be a strain on an acting budget, at least make sure they change with your look. It’s important to have headshots that look current, that reflect your hairstyle, your age, your type and any significant changes in your body. You want them to look like you. Investing in quality headshots is worth it in the long run.

2. Media Presence
Keeping websites, social platforms and anything you update with career developments current is important. If a casting director looks you up, you want to have these in shape. Make sure you have current photos, and any news items, resumes or reels updated. But beyond content, you want to make sure your format is up to date. Website layouts, platforms and features go in and out of style. You want your media presence to keep up with the times.

3. Classes
This is one of the big ones! Acting training does not end after college, or your apprenticeship, or your most recent master class. It is ongoing. You want to make sure to pop back into classes every now and then to keep your skills sharp, to learn new ones and to give yourself space to develop and grow as an actor.

4. Online Casting Profiles
These are easy to let fall by the wayside. Can’t remember the last time you looked at your size card or profile? It happens. But setting aside time to check and update these every couple of months can get you in the habit of keeping your information current.

5. Resumes
Resumes are another area it’s easy to let go of. Keep an eye on resume trends in the business. Have a couple of different versions in your Google Drive that you can keep updating as you book. It helps to have versions that feature film, theatre and commercial or voiceover work most prominently.

Bonus: Types
Don’t forget, as you grow as an actor, as you age and mature, as you change up your look, your type changes as well. Cultivating self-awareness in this area can help you stay ahead of the game. So many other materials you update hinge on your acting type. To put it in commercial terms, you need to know what you’re selling. When you have a good sense of yourself and your type(s), it makes maintaining the rest of your career a lot easier.

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