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3 Tips To Get You Ready for Auditions

Success is being prepared to meet opportunities when they come. And they come suddenly and unexpectedly.

Success means predicting opportunities and doing everything it takes to be prepared for that opportunity when you get it.

Three (3) things you know will happen for sure when you get an audition:

1. You’re going to need to self-tape it

2. You’re going to need to get coached on the material

3. You’re going to need a reader.


So to pull this off successfully, you should get all of those pieces in place prior to getting auditions, not the day you get an audition. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll feel rushed, nervous, and unprepared, and your audition will suck!

So here is my advice — based on 30 years experience in this business— to put your best foot forward:


1. Get your self-tape setup all SET UP before you have auditions so you don’t have to scramble when you get an audition.

Figure out your lighting, sound, tripod, backdrop, location in your house, etc. and have it all set up. Then practice recording sides before you actually get auditions so you understand your framing, your lighting, and how your sound comes out — watch it back, and make adjustments.

I highly suggest you get some self-tape audition training. Try out my favorite self-tape coach: with Jordan Woods-Robinson.


2. Get your readers set up long before you have an audition so that you don’t have to scramble for a reader when you finally get an audition.

Right now, reach out to other actors to set up times to practice reading different material with one other long before you have auditions.

Put a group together and be available for each other to help one other with auditions. Some places that teach self-tape can also serve as your reader!

Actor, Associate Agent, and TMFA Mod Jake O’Flaherty can coach you and be your reader!


3. Get your audition coaches set up long before you get auditions so that you don’t have to panic the day you receive an audition.

Different coaches will help you with different skills and auditions, so have your coaches prepared!

1. Dialect coach Chris Lang

2. Audition coach Holly Gagnier

3. Ongoing audition training: Amy Lyndon, Jordan Woods-Robinson, and Christine Horn.


Do these BASIC things and you will have much more success and be incredibly prepared for opportunities when you get them — which equals success!

To compete for real network TV jobs, you need to be a professional that people can rely on. These are the basics every legit working actor has.

You can do it!


Wendy Alane Wright is a Hollywood Talent Manager, Author, and Acting Business Coach. She has authored seven books about breaking into show business in a series called, “Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager.” She helps new actors understand the business and how to realistically get started via her popular YouTube channel, which has 5 million+ views. Wendy created TMFA (Talent Managers for Actors), which is a 75,000+-member Facebook group to help connect actors, agents, managers, coaches and casting directors. She also created The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy, the most advanced online acting business training program in the world. FREE MASTER CLASS.


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