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Casting Networks Answers Talents’ Questions About Essential Memberships

Casting Networks

We recently hosted a webinar to answer questions from talent about our new Essential membership. Scott Madej, Casting Networks’ Senior Manager of Customer Success, provided a detailed overview of the new membership, helping talent navigate its media storage and features.

Read on to find answers to the questions that we reviewed live with talent or click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

How does Media Storage work?

Casting Networks now has three membership options: Free, Essential and Premium, each fitted with different storage plans and features. Free provides up to 350 MB of swappable media, Essential allows 1 GB and Premium provides up to 3.5 GB (currently unrestricted). Also shown were examples of what makes a successful Casting Networks profile for those subscribed to the Essential membership, like finding the right media mix between headshots, self tapes (and audio for voiceover performers).

We showed talent how they can take advantage of the storage space provided in the Essential membership by archiving media to free up storage space. Talent can archive a media file 21 days after it has been uploaded. Talent can also add storage by changing memberships (e.g., moving from Free to Essential).

Talent asked about:

  • Media uploads for multiple profiles. Only one profile needs media uploaded for it to appear on all profiles.
  • Increasing storage space. Archiving outdated media will increase storage space. Media uploaded before the new memberships were released will not count toward existing storage.
  • How media storage works for family accounts. It is not possible to share media storage across different accounts. However, a family of performers can create multiple accounts with varying membership options.


For more information, check out our support page.

Who can see Archived Media?

Casting directors can view archived self tapes that have been submitted. Media files are eligible for archiving after 21 days. Talent can reinstate archived media later if needed.

When can talent switch memberships?

Talent with monthly memberships can switch at any time. If a member switches from Essential to Premium, the change takes effect immediately. However, if they switch from Premium to Essential, it should take effect at their next monthly renewal date.

Talent subscribed to annual memberships, however, can only change memberships after their annual membership term has ended.

Want to learn about Casting Networks’ Essential membership or share the webinar with talent? View the replay here.

For more answers to frequently asked questions about our Essential membership, visit our support page.

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