Photo courtesy of Fernando Wadskier.

Meet Our Team: Fernando Wadskier, LATAM Enterprise Sales Director

Casting Networks

Welcome to our recurring column, Meet Our Team, where we spotlight some of the integral members of the Casting Networks team who are dedicated to keeping our platform running smoothly and efficiently for our customers and clients. For our latest installment, we speak with Fernando Wadskier, LATAM Enterprise Sales Director at Talent Systems.

1. What is your role at Casting Networks?

LATAM Enterprise Sales Director.

2. What is your favorite part of your job?

Researching and designing the best strategies for Talent Systems to enter into a new market with different casting processes, languages and idiosyncrasies.

3. What are you most excited about working on this year?

Getting more involved with product development, specifically in new technologies that will enhance our users’ experience.

4. What are some interesting areas you get to focus on at Casting Networks that you didn’t in previous roles?

Representing a well-established company in a completely new market and seeing the impact of my actions and decisions.

5. What’s something interesting or unexpected about your role that people would be surprised to know?

While my role name includes “sales”, my responsibilities and activities in Latin America span across all areas of business development, such as strategy, market research, product ideation, and customer success. Building a new market requires constantly adapting to new information and seeing how our business can better support the market to achieve adoption. While our business structure and roles in US/UK/Australia/Canada are well-defined, our LATAM venture will require designing a very different business model and structure.

6. What drove you to pursue a career in sales?

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I enjoy taking part in all parts of the business to achieve the company’s mission. I came into Talent Systems after starting my own casting software business in Mexico City. My sole mission was to help talent make a better use of their time instead of waiting for hours in line to audition. Rafi and Alex gave me the opportunity to come and help the company achieve the same mission in all Latin America. Given the current needs of our company, focusing on sales is the obvious thing to do. But as we develop the market, I expect my role to continue to evolve.

7. Tell us about a mentor or person who inspired you to get to where you are today.

Having played professional soccer, I have had multiple coaches and mentors throughout my life that I will be forever grateful for. After venturing into business management on my own in a foreign country, I did not have any mentorship for a few years. In Talent Systems I’ve had the opportunity to be managed by Yossi Langer and Tracy St. Martin, who introduced me to Talent Systems’ corporate processes.

Since last summer, I have been managed by Ram Pitchumani, who has been an amazing mentor for me. He has guided my curiosity and interest to learn, while helping me focus on the task at hand. At the same time, I see everyone I interact with as my mentor. I believe that everyone has something to teach you at all times if you simply remain curious and pay attention.