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About Casting Networks®

Our industry-leading software connects casting directors, talent representatives and independent creators with top talent from our pool of over one million performers across film, television, digital and commercials. With a deep commitment to the art of casting, our global network facilitates auditions for more professional acting roles than any other platform, extends across eight countries and includes offices in Los Angeles, New York, London and Sydney.

Our Brands

Casting Networks

Casting Networks’ flagship casting software is the industry gold standard for actors, casting directors, talent representatives, directors, producers and creators. It offers industry-leading communication, talent submission, scheduling, audition management and secure video sharing capabilities.

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Cast It Systems

Thousands of studio executives, producers, directors and casting professionals, including every major studio and network, log into Cast It daily to create briefs and roles, collaborate with casting offices and securely share audition videos.

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Cast It Talent

Cast It Talent gives actors the opportunity to join the Cast It database and make their info readily available to thousands of casting directors and industry professionals. Performers can easily submit for television, film, commercial and digital projects, while Cast It Talent’s Worldwide Open Call powers global searches for the largest studios and networks.

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The modeling industry’s premier technology solution is Modasphere, designed to satisfy every need of today’s top model, talent, artist and photo rep agencies. Modasphere provides models and industry professionals with all the tools they need to succeed in a single, all-inclusive web-based system.

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Casting Frontier

Casting directors nationwide use Casting Frontier to find, audition and book top talent. The platform streamlines the audition process with easy-to-use digital tools for actors, casting directors, producers and talent representatives, and maintains one of the largest talent databases and casting call listing services in North America.

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Our Team

Casting Networks Co-CEOs Alex Amin and Rafi Gordon have spent their careers creating innovative software solutions that support, facilitate and revolutionize the entertainment industry. Before acquiring Casting Networks and Cast It in 2017, Rafi and Alex founded Baseline/Studio System, an entertainment industry film and television research database used by every major studio, talent agency and production company in North America. Along with the rest of their talented team, Rafi and Alex look forward to connecting top industry professionals and continuing to transform technology for the casting industry and beyond.

Alex Amin


Rafi Gordon


Boris Bronshteyn

Chief Technology Officer

Melissa Gabriel Cassel

Head of People and Culture

Rachel Dorfman

VP, Client and Customer Success

Edward Farias

Chief Financial Officer

Yossi Langer

GM, Casting Frontier

Ram Pitchumani

VP, Product

Tracy St. Martin

VP, Marketing

Chris Gantos

Founder, Cast It Systems

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